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Welcome to My Rugby Story

Color me biased but rugby is the most unique and most special sport in the world. Rugby players around the world have incredible stories of how rugby shaped them and their lives in big and small ways. Personally, rugby changed my life and gave me a voice and passion unlike anything prior – and trust me, I was never shy about trying something new.

Rugby is also a global sport played by people of an incredible number of different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures. In fact, it’s the second most popular sport in the world behind soccer. There’s nothing like exploring the world of rugby… In fact, it can even be inspiring.

National Rugby Post would love to hear and share your story. This is your chance to be heard,  and inspire someone else to take up the sport you love or reach new heights. We’ll be taking the best stories we can find and sharing them over social media and possibly with our partners to make you the face of rugby.

So have you overcome great personal challenges to play rugby? Have you played rugby to overcome great personal challenges? Fire up your smartphone, laptop, or GoPro camera and tell us about it.

We’re looking for 5 to 10 minute videos (the longer the better – we can always edit it down) around the story that you have to tell. Read our My Rugby Story Guidelines and Inspiration to find out more.

My Rugby Story Guidelines and Inspiration

If you’re ready to share your rugby story, here’s everything you need to know:

Who can enter?

Anyone (18+) with a story in and around the sport of rugby. You can be a spectator, a player, a referee, a coach, a friend or spouse of a player, or even the owner of a business who rugby-loving patrons. If you’re linked to our sport in some way, tell us about it.

How do I submit a video?

Two Ways:

  • Upload your video to and send us the link to your video, as well as your name and email address via the form on our website at:
  • Upload your video to our National Rugby Post Facebook Page by visiting the Page and tapping on “Write Post.” Then make/upload a video and visit the “Community” tab to see yours and other submissions!

How long should my video be?

We’d recommend between 5 and 10 minutes long. No need to edit or overly produce your submission. Just point, click, and share it with us!

Should I introduce myself?

Yes. Introduce yourself (your name, age, and where your from), how you got involved in rugby, what position/s you have played, and how long you’ve played for.

What story should I tell?

Tell us a story dear to you, whether its funny, uplifting, or exciting. Make sure that it’s appropriate for the public eye and genuine. Don’t be afraid to laugh and cry a little, or make grand gestures in a wild attempt to illustrate your story. If it moves you, it’ll move someone else.

How do I tell a great story?

  • Find a quiet place for better audio. Your home pitch, clubhouse, or old high school grounds can be an awesome nostalgic and inspiring place to tell a story.
  • Fill ⅔ of the screen. We want to see you!
  • Speak directly to the camera like you’re speaking to an old friend.
  • Do it in one take.

Lights, camera, action!

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